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June 28, 2020 update:

Please remember and pray for:

The leaders of our congregation as they work to guide us into the mission that God has for us...and for the Spirit of God as he moves in all of us.

Eternal God, you hold us in your tender embrace. We thank you for your people in every age who have entered into your heavenly presence, especially those dear to our own hearts. Keep us in communion with them and bring us to dwell with them at the last in your everlasting realm of love.

 Hear our prayers for our extended families:

 - For the family and friends of Robert "Bobby" Beaver, Betty Beaver's son on his unexpected death on 6/23/20

 - For the family and friends of Hellen Rouse Fox, Evelyn Fox Ross's mom, on her recent death on 6/21/20

 - For Jill Goins receiving treatment for leg pain. And for Wayne Beatty, Becky's husband, having physical therapy at home to regain strength in his leg.

 - For David Beaver, Jeremy Gilbert, Bill Thomas with their families and friends who celebrate these birthdays in June.

The following prayer given by Rev. Keaton King, Associate Pastor St. Philip Pres. Church Houston:

May it not be long, O Lord, before the world we pray for and the world we inhabit

are one. 

May it not be long, O Lord, before the domination of wealth over want, white over black,

man over woman, the privileged over the poor, are facts of history, not facts of life.

May it not be long, O Lord, 
before the earth no longer suffers through human selfishness,

so that the valleys can sing again, the meadows laugh and barren places burst into bloom. 

May it not be long, O Lord, before economic power comes only with accountability,

and money and taxation are wedded to just purposes. 

May it not be long, O Lord, before the countries that the West once evangelized show us the larger Christ we have yet to encounter. 

May it not be long, O Lord, before we vacate the safe refuges of pessimism and cynicism,

and find wells of hope deeper than shallow ponds of optimism. 

May it not be long, O Lord, before we feel ourselves directly addressed by your voice,

as those first disciples did in hearing you summon the strangest of people to the greatest of callings. 

May it not be long, Lord.  

And to enable that day to come soon, raise up for us prophets who will give us new sight for better seeing. 

Raise up for us prophets who will increase our altruism and diminish our greed.

Raise up for us prophets who will spell out that God has no favorite race, nor heaven a favored language.  

Raise up for us prophets who, in their own person, will bridge the gaps through which too many fall.  

Raise up for us prophets who will make clear for our day the truths Jesus said in his,

and who will speak with the urgency of those who have glimpsed the coming of the Lord.  

And if you will not raise up for us prophets, then raise up in us that holy restlessness

to get your work done and your people saved, for Jesus’ sake. Amen. 

Our Homebound or Shut-ins:

Carolyn Lee

Our partners in ministry:

Drs. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan, South Asia 

Siloam Presbyterian Church, Old Fort, NC